Who Is the Most Popular Mythological Animals?

Some of the most popular mythological creatures known to mankind are the fairies, unicorns, dragons, and the monster with four heads, known as the Merman. Most people have an image in their minds of what fairies would look like. Fairies are of course very beautiful creatures, with their sparkling colored hair and great appeal to all who meet them. Unicorns are also one of the more popular mythological creatures, and they are generally considered to be majestic creatures of beauty. The dragon is another creature that is very popular with people, mostly because of its powerful features, such as fire, and all the other things that make up the characteristics of a dragon.


The unicorn is very popular among children, who always want to have one as a pet. Children often like to imagine themselves as being in the arms of a majestic creature, such as a unicorn. Most people know of the story of the four legged horse, named Paddington, which was ridden by the famous poet and playboy William Shakespeare. Other popular mythological creatures include dragons, which are winged horses that guard castles and keep evil spirits away, and the Merman, a monster with two bodies and one head.


These are only some of the more popular mythological creatures out there. There are countless others, which are just waiting for us to come across them and love them enough to become pets. Most of these creatures have, up until now, not been featured in any cartoons or movies. We will probably never find out about all the great creatures that we have overlooked, but it is definitely up to each of us to learn to appreciate the wonders of our universe, and the wonders that other living beings have to offer. We owe it to ourselves to learn all that we can about the most popular mythological creatures known to mankind.

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