10 Truly Weird Services From Japan

There are a variety of services in Japan that are truly bizarre, and I’m going to list a few of them, so you can see what I’m talking about. To start off the list, there is the Shiseido massage, which is something I have personally never tried but many others have. This service is offered at different hotels and spas and is said to be very luxurious, with its instructors only using their hands to give the massage. They go up to the customer’s body and rub and massage various parts of the body in a very specific fashion, and I’m sure you’ve seen some videos of these instructors in action as some of the craziest things you’ve ever seen.


Another service from Japan is the GEICO stunt ride and this service involves getting into an underground tunnel and riding a GEICO car outfitted with special effects, music, lighting, and more. These cars come fully equipped with pyrotechnic displays, flashing lights, and scary noises. The ride itself is fun and the experience is awesome, but I’m sure after the ride you really wanted to test yourself and try again! If you ever get the opportunity, you should try the jump ride where you’re dropped down a flight of stairs like you’ve never been there before but don’t fall too much. The Editor Massage is an interesting service from Japan that I’m sure you have heard about, and I will also tell you about.


When it comes to strange Japanese things, there are a few, but the ones I mention above are definitely on the list. These are services you should certainly try if you ever get the chance, as they are things you should have fun doing at any time in your life. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to take a service and become addicted to it, and become addicted to the strange things these people do.

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