Most Bizarre African Myths

Most Bizarre Nigerian Myths have their roots in the old African traditional tales. The common people across the globe, from Nigeria to the United States, always tell tall tales of horror and mayhem that is often misunderstood in its entirety by the western world. Many tales, like the ‘nail-in-the-toilet’ curse, are told to instill fear among evil doers. But others, like the ‘necklace of death’, or the ‘snake and mouse game’ are meant to be fun and laughter and a bit of light-hearted fun. However, in more complex stories, the myths evolve into disturbing nightmares that leave the audience in a state of shock and wonder.


Some examples of the most bizarre African folklore can be found in the Akan Islands of the West Coast of Nigeria, which is home to the ‘scared cat’ legend. This urban legend has been told about for decades, and it has spawned its own set of myths that are nearly as horrifying as the story it spawned. In some parts of Nigeria, there is a myth of a giant snake that is half-human and half-venom that preying on unwary travelers who dare to set foot on its turf. One version says that the snake coils around the legs of an unsuspecting victim before squeezing the spinal cord, causing death. Another version of the tale says that, if the snake is squeezed by a person’s hand, it will go on to eat the hand till it dies.


Most Bizarre Nigerian Myths are told across the community and are passed on from one generation to another. There are many African American communities in America that insist on celebrating a Mardi Gras with much bloodshed and destruction. These traditions are the result of a mix of African and American folklore passed down through generations. Most of these tales have been adapted for modern use and are told with a touch of humor to make them more appealing to an American audience. The variety and depth of African folklore are astounding and when seen through the eyes of an African, these tales will forever have a unique place in their African American cultures.

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