XJK SF Series Displacement Air Flotation Plant

XJK/SF Series Displacement Air Flotation Plant


The XJK/SF series of SFPs, which stands for Systems For Free Floating Plant, was developed by Sterling Energy Corporation, and is the industry’s leading solution for the testing of floating plant membranes in high-impacted environments. The technology is based on the same principles used in the Copper Flotation Processing Ore. It is an easy and safe method of testing the effects of exposure to extreme working conditions, such as the ones found in the XJK/ SF series. This test series was designed to demonstrate the utility of the technology in both the mining and refining industries.

The xjk series flotation machine floatation machines can be used in a variety of applications including pre-pore water separation, acid separation, solid particulate removal, nonferrous metal recycling, and the determination of porosity. There are three types of the xjk sf series: the S-1000 series, the S-series mono. These are the most basic and simplest of the machines that are available, however they are sufficient for most applications. For specialized needs, there are several additional sub-series options. XJK SF Series Displacement Air Flotation Plant


Sterling Energy Corporation offers the most comprehensive and complete line of electrochemical and mechanical engineering products, including the S-series and S-1000 series of fluid collection and processing equipment. The company manufactures its electrochemical and mechanical solutions in its facility in Oregon and does not manufacture its own plant materials. The company contracts the fabrication and production of its own plant materials to outside vendors when necessary. The company is capable of providing a high quality and affordable quantity of these fluid separation and fluid processing equipment to meet any demanding application.

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