Storing Carbide – Know Your Tool Type

Storing Carbide – Know Your Tool Type


Carbide tools can experience very high temperatures. This causes them to be vulnerable to thermal shock, the phenomenon by which other parts of your cutting tool expand by different degrees. A tool with a metallic blade, for instance, is exposed to higher temperatures, especially at the point of attachment because of its metal surface and because it is a very strong material (compared to other materials used for cutting). These temperatures may exceed 300 degrees Celsius or even go much higher. When this occurs, you must make sure that you regularly store carbide tools for safety and optimum performance.

In general, carbide works better if it is stored at room temperature or a refrigerator between cuts. If this is not possible, you have to remember that you should always use a cooling tool to maintain the working speeds while using carbide. The best thing to do is to keep your cutting tool type on a cutting table so that the speeds can be maintained correctly even during transportation or storage. You also need to remember that different types of carbide work in different applications, so it is important to know the different speeds that work in your particular application.


Another way to store carbide for maximum performance is to ensure that you always use a very well-designed carbide container. Lighter-duty spindle-type containers are preferred for their ease of use. The key to this is ensuring that the surface area of the container is as wide as possible without sacrificing the strength of the carbide piece. Also, the lighters must have adequate air pressure to circulate the carbide inside the container to keep it safe and away from moisture. In addition, it should have sufficient coolant in order to keep the workpiece geometry at the right angle and to avoid any shifting or warping of the material during transportation and storage. With these guidelines in mind, you can have greater success in safely storing your carbide workpieces for long periods. Storing Carbide Tool Type

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