The Ways Humans Are Getting Closer to Immortality

The ultimate goal for religious believers is to get people to accept that their afterlife has already begun, and that their time on Earth is very short. Of course, this is a belief that is contrary to nearly all the world’s understanding of science. However, the idea that our time on Earth is finite is beginning to slowly permeate more, as new technologies continue to push back the human lifespan. In fact, many believe that we are getting closer to immortality because the pace of technology is inexorably speeding up.

The other reason why I think we are getting closer to immortality is the fact that we have gotten so good at creating artificial intelligence that even robots will not be able to stand with us in an afterlife. This is unlike the afterlife, which is supposed to be very cruel and unkind. For some reason, the religious Right is very upset about this, and they are not happy about it, even though the rest of the world is jumping on the new technology train. If we are ever to survive into the next thousand years, and longer, we need to start thinking like people of old. We require thinking about life in its most natural form, and it is very interesting to watch our culture evolve towards this eventuality.


Perhaps the most intriguing thing about all this is that we humans are really just starting to catch up to what animals do in the afterlife. Chimpanzees are very close to immortal status, and it is pretty amazing to watch them move through the landscape, beat their foes to death, and then move along to find a new kill. Of course, they do this all while they are still very young, and this ability to imitate and mimic is also important to their survival. Of course, dolphins are close to immortal too, and they can stay submerged for days and hours without moving, and they can perform almost indefinitely. And you thought being a dolphin was supposed to make you a killer.

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