APRON FEEDER is a series of equipment used on a crusher, with the main purpose being to move material from the crusher to the feed pipeline for onward processing. APRON FEEDER uses a roller system that is similar to a conveyor belt but instead of metal belts or pulleys, APRON FEEDER uses a roller that is similar to a conveyor belt but instead of metal plates or rolls, it uses the wheels of a loader. APRON FEEDER has no moving parts other than a wheel that turns. It can also be powered by the operator or simply by the force of gravity pulling it along the pipeline.


APRON FEEDER consists of: A high-pressure air compressor, an air hose, a wheelbarrow, a clamp, and a set of parallel-shaped plates (the ‘feeder chains’). These plates can either be made of steel (for the feeder chain) or plastic (for the criss-cross chains). The air compressor generates an air driven stream of air that feeds the feeder chains when the wheelbarrow moves over them. As the chains move along the feed line, they push the plate edges against each other creating a friction, which forces the plates slightly apart and further apart creating a larger gap between them forming a bigger feed space for the material. This process continues until the materials reach the final stage of the conveyor, and this is when the conveyor belt passes through the APRON feeder and dumps the material into a collection pan below.


The presence of this mechanism provides several advantages over other types of apron feeders, including those that do not contain the criss-cross chains. The criss-cross chains tend to wear over time due to friction and heat build-up, and this results in the material becoming hardened and brittle. The presence of the Lifetime Lubricated Apron Feeder reduces this problem by continuously feeding the materials through the feed line without being compromised. This mechanism also prevents the occurrence of wear and tear and overall degradation of the equipment caused by continual cycles.

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