Unusual Places to Hide Money In The House

The first and most obvious example of unusual places to hide money in the house is the desktop computer. It seems that every time a new employee rolls a new computer into the office, they must hide the computer’s serial number in their resume. Many employees are actually instructed to place the number in a place where no one will see it, such as under the desk in the office or beneath the bed mattress.


Another unusual place to hide money in the house is in the shoebox. I have never met a female employee who openly complained to me about how her significant other’s shoes were being hidden in the closet. Most men tend to leave the shoes in their car, parking lot or storage unit until they have gone out for the night. The only time that I have ever heard of an employee hiding money in a shoebox was when he lived in a small apartment. The owner of the apartment must have thought that if he hid the money somewhere in his apartment, then if the landlord ever looked for it, he could not tell anyone about it.


The final unusual places to hide money in the house are the wall clock and the bed mattress. Many people are unaware that the Wall Street Journal articles from February and March of each year list the top twenty Wall Street companies by overall revenue. Among those companies, Bank of America is number one and is responsible for over thirty percent of Wall Street revenue. If your spouse is careful about placing the money in the bank, he or she may be using that account to secretly stash it away in his or her mattress.

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