Quarrying Wire Saw Machine 55KW

Quarrying Wire Saw Machine 55KW


The Quarrying Wire Saw Machine 55KW is an industrial-strength, fully automatic, diamond wire saw that cuts all types of stone, concrete, slate and tile effortlessly. The diamond wire saw is capable of cutting through any substance without the need for manual assistance or human aid. It also features a blade guard that protects both your operator’s legs from injury in the event of an accident. This powerful saw cuts all materials with precision and leaves the material with a nice polish, ensuring a clean finish and minimal surface scratches. Quarrying Wire Saw Machine 55KW.


There are numerous types of materials and each one requires a different procedure to cut them. Quarrying Wire Saw Machine is equipped with four diamond blades and diamond wire. The diamond wires quarrying process cuts all types of stone including slate, limestone, granite, marble, and quartz. It utilizes four high-speed electronic drive chains and allows the operator to manually switch between the four blade styles. Each diamond blade has been precision-tuned and meets or exceeds industry standards for cutting any type of stone.


It is important to know that natural stone quarrying machines are extremely dangerous to use due to the size and weight of each piece. Always remember to use extreme caution and proper personal protective equipment before operating any kind of machinery. Never attempt to cut large pieces on your own, and always follow all safety precautions to protect yourself. Quarrying Wire Saw Machine 55KW.

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