Most Terrifying Experiments In History

One of the most terrifying experiments in history is the ones that scientists do to see how various species of fish would react when put in different parts of water with their own bodies in them. It’s called the Starfish Prime Experiment, and it was done in the North Sea, Australia, back in 1969. What happened is this: Two men were trying to figure out if fish have a sense of balance, and they put two small fish (the starfish) together and put them in very strange waters. They kept them there for a full day, letting the fish swim freely in their own water. Needless to say, it was not good to watch.


You can do all kinds of things with different parts of water, but putting two very different sized fish in the same can be incredibly scary. Although I can’t really give you much information on what exactly happened, because it was such a long time ago, and it’s been long forgotten, what we do know is that these men did indeed find out that starfish have a sense of balance and that they will swim towards an island where a smaller fish will be more likely to eat it. Interestingly enough, they didn’t actually find the right island, and the experiment turned out to be a complete disaster.


This might sound like a disaster, but it was actually an amazing story of science at its finest, and it can teach us a lot about the way we should go about doing things in our everyday lives. Science can teach us that it is okay to put two different types of animals together in very strange waters, without any fear of disaster, because the chances of them all surviving are extremely slim. There is plenty of room to learn new things in science today, and one of those is how to conduct effective and horrifying experiments. Without the need for an outrageous experiment like this, we might never have learned some of the most basic information about fish. If only things could last forever!

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