Most Genius Children Never Get To Experience Life Success

I’ve always believed that genius is an emotion, not a specific type of breed. It’s the one trait in a person that sets them apart from everybody else and allows them to excel in their chosen field. I also believe in reincarnation. It’s been stated many times that the child of two can be considered a genius because of the experiences they had as a child. The fact that we are still hanging on to this theory is a proof that there must be something behind the concept of genius at work within our system.


Now, I’d like to talk about my own theory on the matter. In my opinion, there is something behind genius, but it’s not anything that is tangible. It’s more like an energy. It’s not that the child of two has this special power bestowed upon them, it’s just that the child in question, during their formative years, experiences a unique level of energy at that age which allows them to achieve incredible feats.


Now, I admit that there are children who are born with traits of genius. Children like Einstein or Picasso or Jobs have certainly been born with an intellect that is far above average. However, there is more going on behind their ability to become brilliant than meets the eye.


For instance, Einstein had his mentor Kurt Walderlein who were a professional mathematician, and a practicing surgeon before he became a famous Nobel Prize winner. He did go on to pursue a career in surgery after college, but in that time he also experienced an extraordinary amount of life-changing events. He moved from Germany to Switzerland, became an inventor, went into business, traveled to all sorts of places, and ultimately ended up developing one of the first computers in Europe. All of this allowed him to experience a series of amazing and life-changing events that most people will only experience in their lifetimes.


Furthermore, Jobs experienced an unbelievable amount of success in his personal life as well. Before he was famous and successful, he struggled and worked hard in his own small business. His personal life and business life were the benchmark for what became the greatest computer system in the world. All of this allowed him to achieve almost anything that most humans could only dream about when they were growing up.


So, the next question is, “What about most genius children?” Most kids do not go through life with the experiences that even Einstein or Jobs had. They do not have a series of life-changing moments that can be placed in their life by something else. Most of them do not have the extraordinary life experience that allows them to think creatively and become amazingly good at whatever they are doing. All of these things are missing from the lives of most kids. This is why I believe that life success will always be measured by life experiences that a child goes through.

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