Laboratory Electronic Sand Sieve Shakers

Laboratory Electronic Sand Sieve Shakers


The laboratory electronic sieve shaker is perfect for loading experiments and for drying runs. The handheld device has several important features including a clear and wide viewing window, wide adjustable weight scale, multiple glass doors with snap closed lid device, easy-to-read glass scales with stainless steel weights, self-cleansing glass pads, convenient, adjustable weighing areas and many more. Because this sieve is designed for wet/dry running, it can be used to make permeability testing, gravitating charges, crystallography, fluorescence, absorption, conductivity, and other processes. These instruments have the ability to easily perform a wide range of measurement applications, and they are ideal for laboratory bench top, bench top, kiosks, and mobile devices. It has a unique and powerful motor that provides excellent power and can run on a variety of battery types. Sand Sieve Shakers


There are a number of advantages of using a laboratory electronic sand sieve shaker instead of a normal weighing scale or another type of handheld instrument. First, the handheld instrument allows the user to weigh out different samples and then compare the weight to the weight of the sample should actually weigh to determine its bulk. This saves time because instead of measuring wet sand, the laboratory worker simply needs to weigh dry sand. Furthermore, with the sand sieve, one can easily measure the wet grains and dry sand at the same time. This instrument is also very useful in the laboratory environment, because it allows one to do several functions at once without interrupting the work flow.


Compared to other sieve designs, the laboratory electronic sand sieve shaker has a larger operating surface, which makes it easier to mix and measure the samples. Furthermore, it is much more convenient to use than other instruments because it is handheld and easily carried in a backpack. It also comes with a removable plate to hold it upright, making it more stable when being used in the laboratory. All these features make this sieve design an ideal choice for laboratory science departments. Sand Sieve Shakers

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