Industrial Oxygen Generators Provides a Convenient

Industrial Oxygen Generators Provides a Convenient, High Quality Source of Oxygen


Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are a vital component to any type of aquatic system, and with proper engineering, they can be factory directly supplied to your business or research center. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a fully functional chamber for your experimental fish, or you need a supply for your long term lab research on bacteria, viruses, or even the growth of cancer cells in culture, a hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT) chamber can provide you with everything you need. From the cold water solution to the reagents to the ice used to cool and activate the chambers, everything can be precisely matched to your exact specifications. If your research facility is one of hundreds of facilities nationwide running on a tight budget, or you’re looking for a fully functioning HBOT solution for a single facility, it is possible to obtain both at the same time.


As mentioned above, a hyperbaric oxygen generator (HBOT) is the perfect choice for research facilities that must utilize a single source of highly pressurized air. Whether your needs include a single tank or thousands of tanks, there’s a perfect match for your specific requirements. For example, an industrial oxygen generator (IOG) is ideal for rapidly testing samples or other small quantities of samples. This type of chamber can also be used to create mini-biological laboratories, complete with specialized lights, incubators, and all the standard amenities you would find in any type of professional laboratory.


The industrial hyperbaric chamber is also suitable for applications requiring extremely high humidity and extremely low temperatures. The chamber can be cooled down after use and returned to a normal room temperature, without ever impacting the samples once they have been returned to their original ambient state. These types of chambers are often used in accelerated research studies, as well as in accelerated manufacturing processes.

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