Explore a Whole New World With Mu Ko Similan National Park

Mu Ko Similan National Park is located in the Gulf of Thailand. Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, there is the Mu Ko Similan National Park. The park is made up of some forty islands in all, and the biggest area where it covers is actually an island. However, not everything in the park is an island, because there are numerous small islands which make up the park. The largest island is Siam.


The main tourist attractions of the park consists mainly of the numerous islands that make up the park. Some islands include Nathon, Thanong and Muang Thong. The park’s marine life is also very diverse, which consists mainly of marine reptiles. However, the coral reefs of the park consist mainly of sponges and sand fishes.


The largest islands of the park can only be accessed by boat or a small plane. It is easy to reach the island, but there are a number of trekking trails in the park which you can follow. Mu Ko Similan National Park is not just a vacation destination; it is also a great place for research as well as for an educational trip. This archipelago offers a wide variety of natural habitats and a perfect place to dive into if you like that.

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