CNC YF 8322 Extension Eight Claw Screwdriver

CNC YF 8322 Extension Eight Claw Screwdriver


The CNC YF8322 extension eight clamp is used for producing models of jewellery from small to extra-large size without requiring costly manual work and in a matter of minutes. This machine tool can be used in any drill press by the addition of a clamp head or attached with a universal thread adapter plate. The CNC machine tools are designed with high strength stainless steel and are built to last for many years and produce high quality jewellery components that would normally be difficult to work with if produced by hand. The machine tools are user friendly and designed to give the jeweller maximum accuracy and repeatability.


The machine works with standard sized drill bits and can produce jewellery component as long as the threading is on standard size. The CNC machine consists of eight clamping arms, which have removable sleds for easy transport. These sleds are expandable and the user can change the length of the arms to accommodate new jewellery designs. There is a removable screw accelerator installed in the machine for fast turning. The CNC machine has been designed to allow the jeweller to change the type of screw in the jewellery head to obtain a more difficult thread, which will produce finer jewellery components. In addition to producing the jewellery components in this manner, the machine can also be used to drill holes in the wood and use a wood burr wheel to turn the screws.


The CNC machine tools are fully adjustable for width, drill speed, drill depth and the length of the threads. The machine runs without a motor assembly, which is one of the CNC YF programmable software packages. The system includes the hardware, which includes an adjustable yoke, eight CNC screws of different diameter, an eight-leaf comb, an eight-leaf drill bit, and a holder for the screws. The CNC programmable software is used to control the machine tools via a computer terminal. This software is available to download and install on the computer and is compatible with most operating systems.

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