Categorizing the Most Famous and Endangered Species

List of the most famous and endangered species is compiled from information provided by various organizations. Some countries provide information about their most threatened species. On the other hand, some other countries do not publish the information. The reasons for not publishing the data are either a) they don’t have enough records or b) the information is old. In order to have a better record on the status of the different species, it is necessary to compile the information collected from various sources.


There are different sources in which one can get information about the most famous and extinct species. One such source is the National Park Service (NPS). They publish the extinct listings on their website. Other than this, the books that deal with the nature and history of a particular country include the country’s endangered species. These books have all the records of the animals in the country, along with their descriptions and the status as of any particular time.


A good knowledge about the conservation efforts is also important for having a better knowledge about the status and nature of different animals and plants. This becomes even more important in the case of rare and endangered animals and plants. One of the ways that we can help save these animals and plants from being extinct is through effective political action. It is very essential for everybody to be aware of the threats that we are facing. It is a must for everybody to participate in taking an active part for the preservation of the rare and endangered species. Through this, not only the common person but the whole population will have a sense of participation in saving the rare and endangered species.

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