Brj 800 II Double Layer Winding Stabilizer

Brj 800 II Double Layer Winding Stabilizer


The Brj 800 II Double Layer Winding Stabilizer is another example of a well-rounded double layer winding system for the disc golf player that has the ability to perform the long drives and shots. It uses two separate nozzles, so that each shot can have its own stable tailwind. As the name suggests, the design and the feel of the windings are different. This will help to create more accuracy, since the golfer will always be playing under controlled winds of different velocities. Another unique feature that this winding system has been the adjustable pressure, which can be adjusted to the golfer’s needs.


If the pressures become too low or high, the ball will start to tumble. By using the adjuster, you can maintain the right pressure, which is appropriate for your skill level. The windings are very quiet and smooth to use. They are made from materials that are durable and will hold up to constant use for years to come. They also will not rust, since they are designed as stainless steel.


Some players may find that these windings work best in some conditions and environments better than others. If the conditions are less than ideal or if the golf course is constantly wet, then this system will not work as well. But if the conditions are ideal, then this system will create controllable and controlled winds to help the player achieve his goals. This is what many professionals consider to be one of the best golf products available on the market today.

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