A Brief History of Significant Astronomical Clocks

The most famous astronomical clocks, that are all over the world, like the ones from the Czech Republic, are known to be accurate and have great precision. They are usually used in astronomy departments for studying very large celestial objects, like stars or planets. These timepieces have found their way into many homes because of the unique designs and beautiful appearances they present. Despite their elegant looks, there is no question about the fact that these timepieces can be very useful to people who need to know the time right away. Some people who are fond of collecting things are the ones who get attracted by these remarkable astronomical clocks.


A very famous type of clock is one that was designed long before the introduction of the first reliable calendar in the medieval period. In fact, one of the most famous clocks in the history of mankind is the one called the chronometer, which is used to measure and record the days and nights of the year. While a lot of people do not even know about these amazing tools, the fact is that these were among the most advanced tools ever created, which allowed people to measure the passing seconds and days of the year, as well as the solar year, at the same time. These remarkable astronomical clocks were among the most important tools of the Middle Ages, allowing them to compile information about the moon phases, solar flares and the movements of the planets.


The second most famous clock is the lunatic phase clock, which is another extremely important and unique clock that was developed in the late Middle Ages in Europe, although its development has a bit of a mystery behind it. Aside from the fact that this type of clock is unique due to its appearance, it is also interesting to note that it contains four large globes, which rotate, by using an internal mechanism, every fifteen seconds. All in all, one of the most famous and most valuable astronomical clocks is the lunatic phase clock, which is another remarkable astronomical clock that was developed in the late Middle Ages in Europe.

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